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Microsoft attributes new SolarWinds attack to a Chinese hacker group

WhatsApp multi-device beta allows four devices at once even without a phone

Ring’s end-to-end encryption is rolling out globally

Microsoft and ISPs did door-to-door router replacements to stop Trickbot malware

The Windows update to fix ‘PrintNightmare’ made some printers stop working

Russian hackers reportedly attacked GOP computer systems

Microsoft issues emergency Windows patch to fix critical ‘PrintNightmare’ vulnerability

Kaseya ransomware attackers demand $70 million, claim they infected over a million devices

Researcher finds certain network names can disable Wi-Fi on iPhones

REvil ransomware attacks systems using Kaseya’s remote IT management software

Another day, another WD security flaw

Google investigates why a carrier linked VPN ads to an SMS two-factor code

Twitter now lets you set a security key as your only two-factor authentication method 

How to block and report text spam

A second exploit has emerged in the sad WD My Book Live data deletion saga

Google beefs up Play Store developer verification in response to scams

Security researcher sounds alarm over ATM NFC reader vulnerabilities

Microsoft says its customer support tools were compromised by the SolarWinds hackers

Google Fi’s built-in VPN starts iPhone rollout

Unplug your WD My Book Live, or you might find your drive’s data wiped

Ransom notes

Ransomware funds more ransomware, so how do we stop it?

Google’s security changes will break old Drive and YouTube links

New website tracks which colleges will use eproctoring software this fall

Reality Winner has been released from prison

McDonald’s suffers data breach in the US, South Korea, and Taiwan

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When does sharing become oversharing?

Sharing our personal lives online is important — but it’s dangerous, too

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The race is on for quantum-safe cryptography

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How to stop your emails from being tracked

Pixel trackers can hide in your email images

iOS 15 and macOS 12 take a small but significant step towards a password-less future

Cyberpunk 2077 developer says its hacked data is circulating online

EA got hit by a data breach, and hackers are selling source code

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Inside the cryptocurrency scam vortex