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European Union proposes roadmap for slashing greenhouse gas emissions

Microsoft is changing the way it buys renewable energy


Taking NYC’s temperature with a thermal camera

New report suggests corporate climate change pledges aren’t that valuable

California’s power grid has a big drought problem

The UK is considering legal protections for animals’ feelings — so what do animals ‘feel’?

America used fewer fossil fuels in 2020 than it has in three decades

Why 2021’s heat waves are so brutal

A heat dome makes drought and fire worse in the West

Satellite images show just how bad California’s drought is

Amazon labels millions of unsold products for destruction, new investigation finds

Earth has been trapping heat at an alarming new rate, study finds

What to expect from the 2021 fire season in the West

The latest tool in fighting wildfires is 比特币官网交易平台homes that won’t burn

The Hoover Dam reservoir is at an all-time low

Say goodbye to the Keystone XL pipeline, for real this time

The pandemic might cut down e-waste but widen the digital divide

The US wants to fix its broken lithium battery supply chain

CO2 levels are at an all-time high — again

Go read this story about why it’s time to scrap racist bird names 

Climate tech is about to fly commercial


This scientist shoots trees to study how they migrate

Invasive snails on the run leave behind DNA evidence

Oil and gas leases suspended in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Climate change responsible for about a third of heat deaths, study says

The places paving the way to 100 percent renewable energy

Burlington, Vermont has been running on renewable electricity since 2014

A company wants to build a massive solar project in Montana — of course it’s for crypto

Go read this investigation into the real death toll from the Texas freeze

Big Oil and Gas had a no good, very bad day

More Americans believe in climate change but still can’t quit fossil fuels

Joe Biden opens up California coast to offshore wind

Floating wind turbines are coming to the Pacific

Hot summer days are even hotter for many Americans of color

How futuristic floating wind turbines might ride the waves