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An AI model shows health centers in California aren’t prepared for power outages

Machine learning model from the largest US COVID-19 dataset predicts disease severity

FDA adds warning about a nerve condition to the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

The Olympics are still stuck in 2020

FDA clears Natural Cycles birth control to use a smart ring for temperature measurements

The COVID-19 vaccines weren’t hacked — this task force is one reason why

Moderna starts human trials of an mRNA-based flu shot

Full approval could make the difference for the US COVID-19 vaccine campaign 

Pinterest bans weight loss ads due to eating disorder concerns

EU officially launches digital vaccine passport

It shows proof of vaccination, negative test result, or past infection

Google is building support for digital COVID vaccine cards into Android

WHO outlines principles for ethics in health AI


The sound of neurons firing

Juul and the business of addiction

Bloomberg’s Lauren Etter on the rise and decline of an e-cigarette upstart

Exposure notification apps could be more effective if they’re better at assessing risk

Juul settles with North Carolina in first teen vaping lawsuit

Who needs COVID-19 boosters?

Hospitals are selling treasure troves of medical data — what could go wrong?

A hospital algorithm designed to predict a deadly condition misses most cases

The slow transitions of a lingering pandemic

COVID-19 is ebbing in some parts of the world

Amazon’s Halo body fat percentage calculator outperforms lab devices

India’s healthcare workers are busting misinformation on WhatsApp

The backbone of India’s rural healthcare system is now tasked with beating back COVID-19 myths, one message at a time

Apple reportedly trialed plans for a primary care service on its own employees

Amazon’s COVID-19 test is now available to consumers

The next step for wearables could be illness ‘warning lights’

Razer is releasing its Project Hazel mask in limited drops in the fourth quarter of this year

Novavax says its COVID-19 vaccine is 90 percent effective

It’s a different type of vaccine than the ones already available

Pharma is winning the big business popularity contest

Apple’s new health features bring new focus to elder care technology

New iPhone Health app feature gives doctors easier access to data

How to use Screen Time to keep your iPhone use within healthy limits

Memorials to honor COVID-19 dead begin to take shape