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Google’s new tool will identify skin conditions — what will people do with that information?

India reportedly orders social media platforms to remove references to “Indian variant” of COVID-19

Time, money, and the new vaccination push

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Google announces health tool to identify skin conditions

Amazon’s WorkingWell will attempt to fix employee health issues with stretching and guided meditation

Vaccine waivers alone can’t solve India’s vaccine crisis

Focusing on personal responsibility still isn’t a good way to manage public health

Vaccine drives in the US are getting younger

Vaccinated people can ditch masks and social distancing in most places, CDC says

Samsung and Lenovo are the latest to ditch a physical Mobile World Congress

Bose gets into hearing aid business with new FDA-cleared SoundControl hearing aids

Getting hospitals ready for the next pandemic

The more hospitals cooperate, the better they’ll fare in an emergency

FDA clears Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 12 to 15

We may never know the exact toll of the pandemic

Impossible Foods eyes schools for new customers

Google Assistant will sing you a song about getting vaccinated

Apple’s Night Shift is no match for the complexities of sleep

Sleep hygiene is more than simple phone features

US supports lifting patent protections on COVID-19 vaccines

Go read this devastating look at cancers going undiagnosed during the pandemic

New vaccine perks: halftime shots and savings bonds

Federal COVID-19 vaccine website launches with Spanish-language version

Vaccines should be the new bobbleheads at every sporting event

The Milwaukee Bucks made the next 比特币官网交易平台home game a COVID-19 vaccination event

COVID-19 vaccinations are keeping older Americans out of hospitals

People who are vaccinated don’t need to wear masks during many outdoor activities, CDC says

Social media platforms become triage centers as India struggles with a COVID-19 surge

The first problem was vaccine supply. Now, it’s demand. 

Officials lift pause on Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

CDC committee backs Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine