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As gadgets and services get smarter, they need more data, and face the hard problem of keeping it safe. Data privacy has become a huge problem for Google, Facebook, Amazon, and any company using artificial intelligence to power its services — and a major sticking point for lawmakers looking to regulate. Here's all the news on data privacy and how it's changing tech.

How Tencent’s sweeping new facial scans will catch Chinese kids playing past curfew

Hong Kong’s new anti-doxxing proposal could put tech companies at risk, says new letter

Some accused in Capitol riot reportedly tried to scrub info from their phones and social media

Google investigates why a carrier linked VPN ads to an SMS two-factor code

Baltimore spy plane program was invasion of citizens’ privacy, court rules

Facial recognition software used to verify unemployment recipients reportedly doesn’t work well

Ring reportedly used LA cops as influencers to market its cameras

New website tracks which colleges will use eproctoring software this fall

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How to keep some of your Twitter data away from advertisers

Google to work with UK regulators on its big ad-tracking shakeup

The Trump administration forced Apple to secretly reveal at least two Democrats’ data

With iCloud Plus, Apple’s privacy promise is paired with an upsell

Some privacy may be paywalled

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Is there any way out of Clearview’s facial recognition database?

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How to use a two-factor security key

Will Apple end the newsletter boom?

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Ten years of breaches in one image

Apple’s privacy-focused Private Relay feature isn’t coming to China

Apple adds welcome privacy features to Mail, Safari

The FBI is trying to get IP addresses and phone numbers of people who read a USA Today article

TikTok updates US privacy policy to collect ‘faceprints and voiceprints’ (but won’t explain what they are)

Apple is updating AirTags to make them less creepy

Google reportedly made it difficult for smartphone users to find privacy settings

Venmo leaked Joe Biden’s friends, but you can now keep yours a secret

WhatsApp reverses course, now won’t limit functionality if you don’t accept its new privacy policy

Clearview AI hit with sweeping legal complaints over controversial face scraping in Europe

The privacy watchdogs believe Clearview’s image-scraping methods violate European laws

Amnesty International calls for Google to halt cloud business in Saudi Arabia

Google now lets you password-protect the page that shows all your searches

Citizen CEO offered to personally fund LA arson manhunt — for the wrong person

Senators roll out bipartisan data privacy bill

Here’s Anker’s apology after 712 Eufy customers had camera feeds exposed to strangers

Amazon extends ban on police use of its facial recognition software ‘until further notice’

Google Photos is adding a locked folder for your private images