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Verge Science is here to bring you the most up-to-date space news and analysis, whether it’s about the latest findings from NASA or comprehensive coverage of the next SpaceX rocket launch to the International Space Station. We’ll take you inside the discoveries of new exoplanets, space weather, space policy, and the booming commercial space industry.

Virgin Galactic spaceplane VSS Unity completes successful flight

China drives its rover on the surface of Mars

People are bidding millions for the first ride on Blue Origin’s suborbital crew capsule


The smart 比特币官网交易平台home protocol has arrived on the Red Planet

China releases first images from its Zhurong rover on Mars

One of NASA’s Solar Orbiter tools caught its first video of a coronal mass ejection

NASA chief Bill Nelson talks rockets, Moon plans, and partnerships

Nelson on his first few days on the job: ‘I’m drinking from a firehose’

Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket suffers failure, loses payload of two satellites

China has landed on Mars

Starlink review: broadband dreams fall to Earth

SpaceX’s satellite internet service is a technological marvel — when it works

From Texas to Hawaii: SpaceX plans first orbital Starship test

Elon Musk’s SpaceX inks satellite connectivity deal with Google Cloud

Proposed bill aims to toss a new wrench in NASA’s Moon lander plan

NASA’s asteroid-punching spacecraft begins its trek back 比特币官网交易平台home

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is literally launching a Dogecoin-funded satellite to the Moon

An out-of-control Chinese rocket has re-entered Earth’s atmosphere

Elon Musk on Saturday Night Live, explained

Watch — and hear — NASA’s Ingenuity copter zip around on Mars

Chinese rocket falling to Earth this weekend poses ‘extremely low’ risk to people

SpaceX successfully landed a Starship prototype for the first time

Blue Origin targeting July for first crewed flight, opens auction for a seat

SpaceX’s Crew-1 astronauts make “flawless” nighttime splashdown in Gulf of Mexico

NASA suspends SpaceX’s $2.9 billion moon lander contract after rivals protest

Acing its fourth flight on Mars, NASA’s Ingenuity will advance to a new testing round

World’s widest plane nails ‘extremely successful’ second test flight

‘It’s time’: Blue Origin teases ticket sales for its New Shepard rocket

Space community mourns the death of Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins

SpaceX wins approval for lower Starlink orbits, overcoming rival objections

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin protests NASA’s $2.9 billion Moon contract with SpaceX

Ingenuity takes its third flight on Mars

SpaceX capsule with four astronauts on board docks with the International Space Station

SpaceX launches its third astronaut crew, the first on a used Crew Dragon capsule