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We may be living in a golden age of TV, but panning through all the dross to find that gold can be time-consuming and tedious. For every much-discussed hit like The Good Place, Game of Thrones, or The Handmaid’s Tale, there are dozens of new original shows that barely tip the cultural needle. And with so many new streaming services emerging to compete with HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Disney+, it’s impossible to keep up with everything new to view. But The Verge’s TV section is ready to help. Our news, reviews, and interviews help you find the next Stranger Things or Black Mirror in time to keep up with the cultural conversation. And our essays and analysis invite you to consider the deeper context for what you’re watching.

This stream has:

Loki: the latest news and reviews for the Marvel show on Disney Plus

Loki’s first season is the best of Marvel without the baggage

TVA TemPad review: who needs TikTok when you can control time and space?

How Loki built a different reality with retro hardware

Production designer Kasra Farahani explains the show’s distinct look

Witcher training is no fun at all in the first trailer for The Witcher season 2

The Witcher’s second season is coming to Netflix on December 17th

Marvel’s What If…? gets a new trailer and an August 11th release date

Netflix’s new Resident Evil show brings zombies to the White House

Netflix’s Witcher prequel gains Michelle Yeoh as... a sword-elf

What’s the deal with the Seinfeld soundtrack finally coming out?

Good Omens is returning for a second season on Amazon Prime Video

New Foundation trailer teases Apple TV Plus’ ambitious sci-fi epic

Foundation will debut on Apple TV Plus in September

You can now buy an official AFC Richmond jersey from the new Ted Lasso merch store

The latest teaser for Star Trek: Picard season 2 is noticeably missing some robots

Here’s an incredibly brief first tease of The Witcher season 2 on Netflix

Netflix just announced a huge slate of anime series and films

Watch the first trailer for Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Loki director Kate Herron says the show is a ‘big love letter to sci-fi’

Watch the first five minutes of Netflix’s Philippine folklore anime Trese

Stranger Things is getting a companion podcast and Magic: The Gathering cards

We spoke to Tom Hiddleston about Loki, PowerPoint presentations, and the nature of free will

Netflix’s live-action take on Cowboy Bebop is coming this fall

Loki’s first two episodes are a blast

Netflix’s Sweet Tooth makes the end of the world a little cozier

How to watch Netflix’s Geeked Week

For Apple TV Plus to succeed, it has to be everywhere — even Android TV

Ladies and gentlemen, the weekendgelion

The Backyardigans are going viral on TikTok and it’s about time

HBO’s The Last of Us is the rare show letting a video game actor reprise her role

Merle Dandridge will play Marlene again for the television adaptation

Oscar Isaac will star in Disney Plus’ Moon Knight series

Sweet Tooth’s post-apocalyptic world is meant to be a ‘storybook dystopia’